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Customer Needs Compliance :

     The driving force that enables us at MSC to forge ahead is our single-minded focus on our Customers’ requirements and the possible avenues to offer compliance, to their satisfaction. Our dedicated group of Professionals brings their combined talent to the table to analyze the complexities of today’s enlightened Customer and present solutions that serve to create Win-Win scenarios for parties on both sides. No requirement is too difficult to comply with, no need too far to reach.

Product design and Development:

     Our in-house team of Designers is MSC’s pride and privilege. Talented professionals and qualified artists form our team that devotes their undivided energy towards developing designs that not only please and impress but also sell and impact. From our early years in this field, we have realized that innovation and creativity in presenting our products with our special touch of freshness will always stand by us in the long race to win our Customers’ support!

Factory Sourcing:

     The team of Merchandisers and Managers at MSC are always on the lookout for new products and presentations that would not only appeal to our Customers but would also influence their decision to buy from us. Tireless efforts are channeled and enormous lengths scaled towards discovering new Suppliers that have the capacity to meet our requirements and ability to offer products that stand out in prices and preferences.

Manufacturing Control:

     With orders on hand and deadlines to meet, we at MSC have a special team of Quality Control experts that combine their efforts with the follow-up measures of our Merchandisers in ensuring timely completion of ordered goods and strict adherence to quality standards on a consistent basis. Spot checking and frequent factory visits serve to create an atmosphere of involvement and quality consciousness along the entire Supply Chain.

Consolidation, Shipping  Forwarding:

     As Consolidators, we initiate elaborate steps after receiving the goods from our suppliers, to ensure that they are packed and shipped strictly as per directions regarding destination and marking, always keeping in mind our Customers’ convenience in complying with clearance formalities upon arrival of goods. Extensive measures are taken to check and conform to the conditions of the Orders placed and to confirm that every possible effort has been expended in concluding the transaction from placing the order to shipping the merchandise.

Service Follow-up & Feedback:

     Our responsibility does not end with shipping the ordered goods. It is in fact after shipment and arrival of goods that our actual challenge commences. We await our Customers’ feedback regarding the quality of goods delivered and the compliance with their requirements. While our endeavor is to hit a Zero complaint Zone, however, if there are any deficiencies they are addressed with prompt sincerity and conclusive completion. We await feedback and inputs from our Customers with a readiness to adjust and adapt to the changing environment of the Global Market Place. 

Customer WOW:

     “All is well that ends well”…..but for us at MSC that is not enough!  Unless we win their ‘WOW’ our job still remains incomplete. We strive to leave no stone unturned in satisfying every reasonable requirement of our Kings and in ensuring that the long walk from Order to Delivery, from Production to Sale is accomplished with our Customers as our valuable Partners in Progress!  Because we know from experience that it is always reaching above and beyond ourselves upto that extra mile, that succeeds in evoking the ‘WOW’ !

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